Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Things About Me

1. I work with high school students because I love to be an encouragement to them. I know how much it meant to have devoted leaders when I was in HS and want to be there when they feel like no one else is there! :)

2. I moved back here to start my "adult" life so I could be by my brothers and sister. They mean the world to me! :)

3. I'm on my 3rd job since moving home just 7 months ago and it ends in 2 months. There are opportunities abounding and I'm in an amazing place being an out-of-state transplant and being this embedded in a school district already where people know my name! :) I think the day is coming for my own classroom..... :)

4. I've been blessed with amazing friends back here now where I wasn't sure I was going to have any. I know you are thinking, "Duh Danielle" but I wasn't so convinced...I felt very alone when I moved back! Weird how life changes so quickly! :)

5. I have only dated one person in the last 10 years (and it was only for like a month-so I'm not sure it even counts). I'm not really sure how I feel about that but I do know that God has taught me a lot of things in those 6 years that I would not have learned had I been in a relationship. I love just chillin' with my friends. Someday I know I will have my prince charming and then have my little kiddies that I will love unconditionally! (For now, I'm borrowing my friends' kids as my own....that's where Auntie Danielle comes in!) :)

6. I have a crafting addiction! I love to scrapbook, take pictures, sew, embroider, paint, make cards, woodworking and other crafty projects. I have all sorts of stuff that I want to do yet time becomes a factor. I pray that soon I will be able to enjoy all my hobbies, including all my musical endeavors. :)

7. I am an organizer from the inside out. I'm pretty sure most people think I'm crazy but it helps me in my efforts to do a gazillion things at one time (teacher, sister, daughter, granddaughter, small group leader, worship leader, student worship secretary, youth group volunteer, tutor, servant of Christ, friend, babysitter/nanny, mentor and whatever else I am!). :)

8. I am a Bears (and sometimes other teams) football fanatic! I saw my first live game at Soldier Field during the COLDEST Bears game in history vs. the Green Bay Packers. WE WON! We blocked 2 field goals...normally, you are lucky if you block one! I had such a great time. I got the tickets as a present from a friend and went with another good friend! Thanks to both of you for making it AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

9. I'm going to write a 101 things to do in 1001 days just like Katie....you rock girl! :)

10. I love HGTV! I don't get to watch it often but oh do I ever love it! It's educational in my mind so I somewhat feel justified in sitting down to watch it. I'm learning new things each time I watch it! :)

11. I LOVE SLEEP!!! 'Nough said!!! :)

12. I LOVE KIDS! I want my own...but don't worry....I know there are steps before that can happen! It's hard when your job makes you want kids and you can't have them! LOL! :)

13. I want to be: classy, sophisticated, elegant, kind, gentle, graceful and so much more... :)

14. I would rather have a "chill-stay-at-home-in-our-sweats" date than any fancy, schmancy hooplah!!!!! :)

15. I want to change the world--starting with me! :)

16. I don't like when people are disrespectful!!!! :)

17. I like lots of pizza and I'm pretty sure I could eat it every night!!! :)

18. I have realized that my life is not going to go as planned if I tried to be OOBER-organized so I'm trying to lay low and chill on that one! :)

19. I love to encourage people and be a mood-lifter of sorts! Anything I can do for you? :)

20. I can barely see my home desk right now which is driving me crazy. I try to keep up but I am barely ever here! Oh dear...just livin' life I guess! :)

21. I work for one of my old fourth grade team teachers! :)

22. I'm very contemplative and think about life....a lot!!! I'm pretty sure it could be a full time job for me....(you have to check out my other blog for some of the ooze that comes from my contemplative times)---or just call me! LOL!!!!!!!!! :)

23. I'm not afraid to say what's on my mind...most of the time. I also am very open about my life, struggles and triumphs! :)

24. It has taken me 4 days to come up with this list! :)

25. I love smiles on real people, I love to smile and I love smilies on the computer! (In case you couldn't tell with all the smilies in this post!) :)

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