Journey Dreams

Journey Dreams: My "Bucket List"
Yet to complete are in regular font-----------COMPLETED are struck through

Visit Australia/New Zealand and swim in the Great Barrier Reef
Walk the Great Wall of China
Swim with dolphins
Visit each of the 50 states
Get married/have a family
Go parasailing (again)
Visit Germany
Go to England
Own a jeep
Own a house
Learn how to jet ski
Write a book
Produce an album
Visit the Grand Canyon
See Mount Rushmore
Renovate/Flip a house
Go to South Africa
Stage a home for sale
Get paid to do an interior decorating job
Run a 10K
Adopt/Foster a child
Learn a piece of music on the piano and then play it without using the sheet music
Visit Cabo
See the Bahamas
Go on a cruise
Visit my sponsor child in Sri Lanka
Be in two places at once
Learn a song on guitar and perform it singing while playing the guitar
Play keys on a worship team
Develop a conference for high school/college-age girls
Go to the SuperBowl
Start a photography business
Visit a rainforest
Swim in a waterfall
Ride in a helicopter
Flip a piece of furniture
Build something (built-ins or a piece of furniture)
Sing the National Anthem at an event of some sort