Monday, February 9, 2009

Life is never the way you expect...'d think by now that I would realize that but there are just times when I'm blown away by how big the world and my life really are. Not that I'm important, by no means is that what I mean, I mean that I live in this little bubble of thinking and it takes a friend to jolt me out of it. I try to be open to what life has for me and be adventurous but one little thing can hit straight at the heart. I was hanging out with some friends that really hit me with the truth in confronting a situation in life head-on. They assured me all would be fine but I'm trusting that it will be. I had asked a friend recently to pray for discernment...well, I think God sent it via in friends (not email). There's a reason for the season I'm in.

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didlake said...

Totally. Hang in there, matey!