Monday, December 29, 2008

Ordinary Errand....turned service project....

I was in the post office using those fine automated postal machines when this sweet, little old lady comes out and asks if that machine was the one used to make copies. I assured her it wasn't and she was off to find the copier which she eventually did find. I can't believe the guy at the counter just sent her out there will no directions! Anyways, she starts to try to work the machine and can't figure it out. She comes out to ask me and sure enough, I was just finishing up my order on the fine little machine I was on and so I stepped over to help her out. She was asking how to work it, then explained her story to me. She had just had eye surgery and the state was going to take away her license/expire it without notice or anything. So she was copying information for the state so she could keep her license. She was a sweet woman with a great heart and as we finished, she thanked me and went on her way. I couldn't help but think that someday that may be me. I may need the help of someone younger. I can't take for granted what I have today because I am not guaranteed to have it tomorrow.

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