Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It's official, Christmas has come and gone again this year. On Christmas Eve 'afternoon', I stole away for a few minutes of quiet before loading the car, going to the candlelight Christmas Eve service and on to the family home for what was bound to be loads of fun. During this time, it was very evident to me that I am not spending nearly enough time reflecting and being with my SAVIOR! I really had a lot of soul searching and repairing to deal with. It didn't even cross my mind how much I had been worrying about or carrying as burdens without giving them over to Him. I am about to make a Burden Jar in which I will write on a piece of paper each burden, then place them in the jar signifying my giving them to God and then continually praying for those things that sit in my jar. I feel as though my life requires me to make such a tangible giving of these things to Christ because as much as I'd like to believe that I am giving these things over in prayer.....I'm not! This is what I had come up with during my quiet time on Christmas Eve. It really helped me to focus my heart for the season and just relax because no matter how much everyone tries.....Christmas (and all holidays) bring about many different struggles and tensions.

Christmas Day is always amazing with little children because the magic is still there! You never know every single thing that people are going to get because it's always a surprise. Santa is such a clever man! Some of his gifts rock! My grandma, stepdad, and mom all pitched in to get me my very own snowboard. It's pretty awesome! I'm totally excited and can't wait to use it. The kiddos got many new gifts and I saw some of the most excited faces that I've seen in a long time.

Today has been a day of sorting, cleaning up and figuring out what comes next in life!


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