Wednesday, October 24, 2007

What a wonderful day!

Well, last weekend was quite a doozie with all the lesson plans and the literacy file that I finished almost half of (it takes a long time!) and math projects. I definitely needed a break by the end. But not to worry, I find myself with much more time to relax and breath during the week....haven't done that in a while. I had some homework last night for my class but was able to finish that and get in bed at a decent hour.

I know that many of you had been praying for my interview for my program today. Thank you! It went really well and they said I am way at the top of the group with my portfolio and my skills...finally I am excelling at something! :) Anyways, I feel very good about what I have ahead and can not wait to see what my next experience is like. Please pray for continued success in all I have to do. Also pray that I don't ball my eyes out during my last day at my current school on November 16th.

Things are great and I'm flying high to the sky! :)

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