Monday, October 8, 2007

Just a memory of the summer....

Hey Everyone!
I wanted to post this picture because I think it's fun and to give you a little taste of some fun I had this summer! Since I don't have Facebook (for those of you that have no idea what this is...GOOD!), I have to be able to post some pictures somewhere! My family and I took an adventure and went to a rodeo! It was such a blast since I'm a country girl at heart livin' in the city these days! Anyways, I loved eating GOOD, hearty hamburgers and wearin' my cowgirl hat and dancin' with the fam! I really had a great time. It was like I was in another world while I was there. We sat on a hillside and the excitement and enthusiasm was contagious! I hope to go to another one sooner rather than later...if you know of a good one...let me know...I'll check it out. I know that at least one person has already laughed at me (in love, of course) for my excitement about this trip but I have to was amazing! :)
I spent the summer babysitting my little heart out and loving every minute because I could go places and do things with the kids more than ever before! Many of you were a part of the financial blessings I received this summer and I can't express my gratititude for you and what you did! Many blessings to ya'll!

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