Sunday, October 7, 2007

Busy Months

The last couple of months have gone by faster than I ever imagined and not the way I imagined it either.

In August, it was a whirlwind of events as I was initiated into the wonderful world of teaching and being a full time "mom" of sorts! haha! Luckily I've cleaned up enough children to not be freaked out about bathroom accidents! :) Anyways, I love my mentor and she has been an amazing part of my internship. I can't imagine what it will be like without her there to help guide me. My team has also been an amazing part of my life. I am loving it. I will start in a preschool classroom after Thanksgiving. I can't believe the semester is almost half over already.

In early September, I was blessed with a new roommate. Her name is Megan and she is great. As you'll see below, I have had a rough month or so and she's been a huge blessing. She is almost engaged and her boyfriend is a great friend too---he is here and wants to say 'hi' to everyone. I've enjoyed getting to know them and will miss her when she moves out next year.

Then on September 11, my life changed in a way I can't explain. I knew the day would come but I didn't realize the impact of the death of my great-grandmother. I went home to be with my family and the time was definitely something I needed. I just hope that I can be as poised and confident as she was even to her last breath. The following weekend, I went home to read at her memorial service and it was beautiful. I was grateful for having such a wonderful family and great friends to help me through this difficult time. Thank you!

Then this week I came down with strep throat and it knocked me down. I haven't been that sick in a long time. I haven't been to the doctor because I've been so sick either since I was like 2! It was hard to have to go to the doctor. I was out the end of this week and now I'm on penicillin and feelin' great! Well, as good as I can right now!

I'm looking forward to a crazy month of midterms, observations and important gateway interviews to stay in the program! It's going to be crazy. Please pray for strength and good health. Many blessings to all who help me be who I am!!!

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