Saturday, October 20, 2007

What a Week!

You never really know how much you can fit in a short amount of time until you have to! Monday we had our parent conferences and it was an amazing experience. Most of the parents in my room are amazing...I'm truly being spoiled with such a great class and parents! We have, though, had a parent already ask for another conference after we stayed late for her on Monday! EEKS! We'll see how that goes on Tuesday. Then it was a busy week of after school activities including professional development and class that stressed everyone out! On Thursday morning, bright and early, in the worst rain we've had in 6 months or so, I had my formative evaluation where my supervisor (don't get me started on her) and mentor teacher filled out a professional development survey of how I am doing. It was good to have more feedback from my mentor...didn't get anything extra from my supervisor.

Last night and today have been spent doing my literacy file (composed of way too much to write here!), writing all my lessons plans for the week, writing a math lesson plan for class and preparing my two mini-lessons for math on Monday. It's going to be a busy week any way you slice it. Tomorrow will be spent paying bills, finishing some tax stuff, finishing this week's lesson plans and the math mini-lessons. I hope I can rest at some point!

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