Sunday, October 16, 2011

School has begun...

...and I love it! As most of you know, I started teaching 3rd grade in August. It was definitely a God-appointed position for me and I know that only God could have orchestrated such an amazing series of events to lead me to that job. I'm so grateful for the team of teachers I work with and many of my colleagues and definitely my boss who has supported me and taken care of me since I moved back to the area. They say your first year of teaching is hard...and I'm starting to fully understand what they meant. I thought having so much experience under my belt would help me but there is sooo much more. The experience I have has been vital to my survival and my avoidance of tears each night. Sometimes its so overwhelming because I have such a great responsibility and it feels daunting when some of your kids are facing much larger emotional giants at home. Students anywhere come in with a variety of giants from home but when you are responsible for 19 of these little lives, it can be saddening. The over-compassionate side of me can't let go of the thought of what they are dealing with at home and how difficult it must be. Every day, I want to do sooo much more than I'm doing but I just can't emotionally or physically do it. That's just the beginning...then there is all the paperwork I must keep track of for me and the kids and all the things I need to do to prepare things for the kids...aaahhhh! There is definitely a reason that teacher's get breaks and have summers off! I'm finally feeling like I'm getting a rhythm and first quarter is almost over.

I would appreciate prayers for continued stamina and wisdom to work smarter...not harder.

Thank God for an amazing job that is where He has me!!!!

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