Saturday, September 10, 2011

PADS: Putting myself in their "shoes"

Today I had the opportunity to support PADS of DuPage County. They hosted their annual PADS 5K in downtown Wheaton. It's one I've done every year since I started running again in 2009 thanks to the Schuberts and Antho. (For that story, read here or ask me...that's probably easier.) Earlier this week, I biked 5 miles or so with my brother and got up the next morning to walk/run 10 miles (really had only planned to do 3 but we were just enjoying the day). That is a lot of mileage so I took it easy this week and didn't really train because I knew I had the race this morning. I had many moments of pain throughout the week but it seem to pretty much subside and I was able to do my normal daily activities. This morning, when I woke up, my leg was killing me. All week, it had been feeling good in the morning because it had a chance to rest and repair itself overnight. I, being as strong-willed and stubborn as I can be sometimes, decided that 1) I'd already paid for it and 2)..most of all...I felt like I needed to push through it. These people have pain, physical and emotional, 365 days a year 24/7. They don't have a support system like I've been blessed with and they usually don't have access to good health care to help repair an injury they may sustain on the streets or wherever they are living. Needless to say, my pride...yep...I have it too...said you have to finish this or you are just giving up and giving in. As I began the race, I knew it would feel like the longest 5K I'd ever run...just 100 yards in, I was ready to quit. I kept going. I pushed through and 'ran' the first 2 miles, including the gigantic hill over the tracks in downtown locals know what I'm talking about. As soon as I passed the 2 mile marker and was at 27 minutes or so, I started feeling a lot of pain so I gave in and walked...more like limped...the guys on the bikes even stopped to make sure I was ok..."Did I really look that bad?" I thought to myself. Surely I was limping...who cares?!?! Clearly they were concerned. my last 1.2 miles was spent walking, running and toughing it out. As soon as I crossed the finish line, I did not want to walk one more step. I pushed through to get some food...since I was starving...and some water.

I'm going in Monday to get it looked at and we'll see what they say. Could be bad news. Today, I've barely been able to walk and stairs just about kill me...glad Monday is not tomorrow or I'd be taking a day off from work I'm pretty sure. I'm praying for a speedy recovery but today I learned a lesson...there's always someone who has worse circumstances...and this was for them. Well worth it.

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