Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December 2010

December was definitely a busy month for me. It was not as busy as I thought but I still found plenty of things to do with my time. In early December, I had my 3 photo shoots which were all learning experiences. It was fantastic to learn and get to actually take pictures of my friends!

Then the next weekend, I had my 26th birthday. I spent some time just relaxing and then on my birthday, my two good friends Jaimie and Katie took me out to dinner at Olive Garden. We were supposed to go to the one close to their houses but as Jaimie arrived to put in our name, it was surrounded by fire trucks and the power was out! So we thought about what we could do and because I had my heart set on Olive Garden, we trucked all the way back to the one in DG near my house. It was a wonderful evening of just talking and enjoying serious girl time. As if the OG being surrounded by fire trucks and not having power wasn't crazy enough, on our way home, the roads were covered in ICE! It was a very slick and tricky ride home to say the least. I'm so grateful for these two women and the impact they've made on my life.

The next week was filled with making Christmas gifts, thinking about Christmas gifts and keeping up with all the Christmas going-ons at work. Needless to say the week was a little crazy. We had our staff work party on the last day and it was lots of fun.

Finally, I had the last two weeks off of work. I did a lot of sleeping and just relaxing as I tried to recover from the craziness that is the 3-week sprint from Thanksgiving to Christmas break at work. I spent a lot of time with my college girls, high school girls and my good friends. On Christmas Eve, I ate dinner at my parents with my grandma and then my siblings and I went out to sled and slide on the ice near their house. We left the house at about 11pm and had so much fun. It was light outside from the lights bouncing off the snow. I will try to post some pictures soon. (Honestly, at the moment, I'm too lazy to get up and get the camera for the SD card.) It was a memorable night that I will never forget!

I spent Christmas at my parents. I slept over Christmas Eve, then Christmas night. I loved spending time in my pj's on Christmas. In the past, I had always gone over to my aunt's house to spend a little Christmas with my aunt and cousin (and all the other family that used to come together). It was the year to switch everything up now that life has changed. I loved spending time with the siblings even though we had a few moments where we got at each other because we were all sooo tired from staying up so late! Both nights, I was up til at least 1am!

During the last week of my break, I spent a lot of time with friends and relaxing once again. I loved sleeping in and just doing things to catch up on life.

All in all, break was truly an escape. I spent a lot of time thinking about life and spending time EXPERIENCING life as it came to me.

Hope you all had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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