Sunday, November 28, 2010

Photography and so much more...

In the almost two months since I last posted, "The Journey" has continued. I have continued to work through the difficult situation that I have previously written about in my posts. God has been doing a lot of work in my heart and in my life. I continue to deal with the emotions and the changes that have occured because of everything but I have found some purpose in it already and am praying that I'll find more. God used a really neat opportunity the other day for me to share basically straight from His Word and point others towards Him and His Will rather than the desires of this world. I had prayed for this opportunity and God His Timing...not my own.

On to other things...

I have ventured out into a world unknown, well sorta, to me called photography. I have always loved the intrigue and mystery and simplistic beauty of photos. I took a class in high school but we developed in a dark room and the process seemed too daunting for me at that point in my life. With the innovations of DSLR's and so much more, I'm in a new world. I just got a new lense this week and am looking forward to using it in the coming weeks. I have had some friends ask me to do their Christmas photos, etc... I am so thankful for their patience and encouragement as I learn and grow as a "photographer". (I don't like labeling myself a ___________ until I feel confident or actually hold that position--like teacher-- but I've realized that I have to go ahead and say it!) I have a blog devoted solely to photography so you can check it out here if you would like.

Over the last week, I've witnessed some really great things. We had 8 planned and 2 "unplanned" baptisms at our new church. It was encouraging to see that what God has sent us to do is REALLY happening! Then yesterday, I got to witness two very good friends say "I do" to each other FOREVER! It was truly a special celebration of love and God's work in two people's lives. Today, a good friend had her baby shower. Her and her husband moved away this summer to follow a calling God had placed on his heart and its been hard to lose such good friends but God is using them where they are at.

I'm 'ready' to go back to work tomorrow after 9 days off....only for the routine though. I guess payday being Tuesday helps too!

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Marci said...

Love your pictures. :) It's cool how you got into that, I'm taking a photo class now!