Sunday, September 12, 2010

Settling in...

...I am finally, starting, to settle in for the new school year. As my schedule is 'finalized' (never really final for an instructional assistant), I am starting to see what might be challenges and what I can do to help improve the school environment. We are experiencing a lot of change as we have added new staff to the building and will be welcoming our new secretary tomorrow. I am enjoying working with the 1st graders since its the only grade I'm certified for that I haven't had much experience with in the actual school setting...plenty of first graders in my babysitting world! :) I am also supervising lunch for some fourth graders that I have had for the last two years in the classroom. Its definitely a challenge but I know their "shenanigans" and can easily detect any mischief! :)

...I am starting to somewhat, sorta, feel settled at FCCC! Its been a great journey but it has not been without its challenges. In late January, I officially left the church I had called HOME for 16 years! This was definitely a challenge because this is where I was fed spiritually and gained strength and support during difficult times in life as I grew to be who I am today. There are many people there that made a significant impact on my life and I'm grateful for EACH and EVERY single person! I think one of the most difficult parts was leaving the students of GEBC. They had taught me a lot about love, ministry and myself! I hadn't planned to dive into youth fact, hadn't even really thought about it, when I moved back and asked Dave if he needed chaperones for a trip (that I knew would be fun but thought I might find a new passion--which I did!) and he needed one so I hopped in a van with a bunch of students I had never met....and I've never been the same. God used these students in my life to teach me more than I ever imagined they could. I know the impact leaders made in my life and I'm daily grateful for the opportunity to TRY and do the same for them. I have left, with much love shown to me by those students...and lots of come a minister to the students at FCCC. I'm excited and nervous as we are "starting from scratch". God's going to use me in spite of my inadequacies and I'm excited to see what He does. I've been fortunate enough that Christina has had the faith and patience with me as I have learned to play guitar in front of the congregation. Before a friend of mine left, I would play with him but now that he's gone, I've been "thrown in the deep end" and have been swimming upstream as I attempt to learn and grow as a guitarist. It would have been so easy to say, "no" but I knew that God was opening a door I had never planned but had always dreamed about! The journey continues and I'm waiting to see what God has next!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Jaimie said...

I'm so glad you're a part of FCCC and I love it when you lead worship! :)