Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rest and rexlaxation...

This last weekend, I jetted off after work on Friday to the DC area to visit my dad and stepmom! It was a good flight Friday evening and I was mesmerized by the sun setting with the moon in the sky and the way it hit the clouds being so far up in the'd think I'd never been on a plane but it was truly a neat experience! I just wished my camera hadn't been buried in my bag! On Saturday, I was treated to a "spa morning" where I received a facial...always an interesting experience..and then a 30 minutes massage...always an AMAZING thing!!!!!!!!!! I walked out and probably looked drunk because I was soooo relaxed and could barely remember how to put one foot in front of the other!!!!!!!! Then we went to see the play Chess in a swanky little modern theater. Then we went to a fun restaurant for dinner! I had the coolest plate I think I've ever eaten out of. It was one of those deep bowl-plates and the "bowl" part was in the shape of a star! Sweet! Then we relaxed at home for the rest of the evening. The next day, we went for bagels, took a little walk in Old Town, ran to the pet store and then went home and watched a lot of FOOTBALL!!!!!! It was so nice to just relax...and dose off every now and then. We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in the world KING STREET BLUES!!!!!!! Finally, it was time to hop back on a plan to head home...although it was a turbulent flight...I made it home safe and then reality set in...the next day I had to go back to work! I got to bed and was well rested and felt really good at work the next day!

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