Monday, March 2, 2009

What a Monday morning for the books!

Well, needless to say I got here at 7:45 and started getting ready for the day. I got the new month up on the calendar, changed the stations, looked for new poems for our Poem of the Week, went to open my lesson plans and POOF!!! They were overlapped and scrambled on one another. In an attempt to fix the problem, I opened a different copy from an attachment I had sent myself to work on at luck--then it froze Word. I couldn't do anything. I thought I wasn't going to be able to shut down or use the computer until they fixed it...luckily, after much distress and the students arriving, I was able to go into Safari and then restart the computer. But in the chaos, I realized I hadn't copied the lunch attendance forms and didn't have a blank one for today! YIKES! So I had to make a makeshift one until I got a copy from the office. I spent 20 minutes trying to fix my computer and get all settled...not a good start to the week especially when I only have 4 weeks left!!! :( 

Then I just opened the kids' folders as lunch started and one of my parents wrote this to me (with the other stuff which I can't post): "We really appreciate all the hard work you've put into the class and our [son]! You've been a pleasant surprise as a long term sub and I know [he] is learning a lot. Thank you so much!" ----That right there, makes it all worth it!!!! :)

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Katie said...

I'm sorry that your Monday started out rocky. I love that that parent wrote you such a sweet note. I know that you are doing an awesome job as a teacher, Danielle!