Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eve of my 2nd week

Tonight, as I officially joined the ranks of the Sunday-night-teachers'-preparation crowd, I couldn't help but be thankful. I had a momentary thought of, "Oh the days as an aide..." but then I remembered my lack of excitement for work (some days) and the dread of the non-teaching position and was past that really quickly. I also remembered that I'm getting paid (better than my long term sub job days) to do this and God found the absolutely, positively best niche for me where I'm at. I LOVE my team, I enjoy the rest of the staff, my boss is awesome and my kids are unique and special and I love them each for a different reason. This is such a different environment than I was in before. It's amazing how fewer "procedures" are required of the staff here. They, I mean WE, can actually focus on our jobs, not a whole bunch of other 'stuff'...ya'll know what I'm talking about!
Reflections on my first week (you're getting bullets or this would be 100 pages):
-I'm starting to become a morning person...sorta...don't get too excited Antho ;)
-I love the room decorating...when I have more time.
-I don't have to be so OCD about things...especially when in a time crunch like being hired less than 5 days before school starts.
-Creativity can wait until I have a couple weeks under my belt.
-I am overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have to learn when moving to a new district from another...I guess I forgot from my internship days.
-My kids are diverse...and so unique.
-On Wednesday, I got my first, "Miss Krieg is the best teacher!" comment.
-I'm glad school starts at 9:15am so I don't have to get up dreadfully early!
-I don't mind the drive...although I think I can only do it a year---max!
-There's so much to learn and remember.
-I've learned all the kids' names....slowly learning all the staffs' names.
-I've had so many staff members welcome me and provide encouragement and assistance in my mad-scramble.
-I'll get in a routine, I'll give my best this year and re-evaluate come next year...hoping I don't have to wait the summer to find out if I have a job in the fall...what will I do with my extra emotional energy over the!!!!!
-GOD HAS ME IN THE BEST PLACE and I'm excited to see if this is my teaching home for many years to come!!!!!


Jaimie said...

I'm so glad it's been such a positive experience for you, D. You deserve it!

Marci said...

:) wonderful. yay for mornings :D