Monday, May 16, 2011

Missing the blog world...indeed I am!

Well, my last post was just days before I took a new job and my life went from 180 to 360...0 to 60 doesn't work in my case! LOL! Anyways, I unexpectedly took over a maternity leave in my building. Fortunate for me and the lovely lady is that I was her long term sub two years ago for baby #1. This made the transition...if we had one...easier for both of us. I knew her style, I knew her classroom, I just didn't know her kids. Well, that changed very quickly. Within a week, I had two parent conferences and a host of other meetings! I also found out that same week that my friend (and worship leader at FCCC) was leaving and then at the end of the week that my principal (boss and friend) would be leaving my building at the end of the school year. Needless to say I had a very rough Friday (right before Spring Break--my saving grace in all of this) because I was (A) exhausted beyond belief (B) started the day with a very DIFFICULT/ROUGH parent conference (C) found out about my principal after school and the topping on the cake (D) Fridays are my long day with very few breaks already (we even had a staff meeting during lunch).

That's about all I have time for now but I thought I'd post so you didn't think I'd disappeared into oblivion! :)

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