Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day Crafts and Ideas

Valentine's Day is just around the corner...literally and you may not want to spend a whole lot on this 'holiday', see my post here and you'll know how I feel about this 'holiday'. Sometimes, though, you may want to do just a little something are some ideas that cost very little but mean the world to those who recieve them.

1. Make a card: All you need is some red, white or pink paper and a fun pen or marker. (The Dollar Store has many craft supplies...super cheap! Otherwise, hit up another local craft store or big-box store like WalMart.) Obviously, you can embellish this to your heart's desire but what is important is that you took the time to make it and what you write inside that REALLY matters most. Oftentimes, we don't say what we want to say to the ones we love and, in many cases, its too late when you finally 'get around' to it. This is your time to do it whether you do it throughout the year or not. Don't wait...we're not guaranteed tomorrow and sometimes God takes people from us (whether its a move, death or something else) before we 'get around' to showing we care.

2. If you don't think you can make a card but don't want to spend a lot, go to the Dollar Store...they have a whole section and cards are only $0.50 each or you can go to Hallmark, the grocery, Walgreens/CVS, WalMart or wherever you would like but I personally like the Dollar Store because they have decent cards, with decent messages and you can add more if you'd like.

3. Make a "Top Ten Reasons I Love You" list. Type it up or write in fun handwriting/lettering and put in a frame. The Dollar Store has frames so take your pick of what size you'd like (4x6 or 5x7 for a desk; 8x10 for hanging up somewhere or putting on a ledge/mantle) and so do many other stores.

4. Make a puzzle. Take a piece of cardboard or cardstock and write a special message on it. Then decorate. When finished, cut out the shapes with an Xacto knife in funky shapes...maybe even try your hand at some hearts in there somewhere.

5. Go do something you both enjoy together. Maybe you just want to go to the gym and go for a good run or if you are in a MUCH warmer climate than Chicago during V-Day, go for a run on beach, ride bikes or just lay on the beach! :)

For those who want to kick it up a knotch:

6. Get a cheap basket (Dollar Store/elsewhere) and fill it with some of their favorite things. For example, if I were getting a basket, I'd love some Reese's, some apple cider, a Valentine's mug, a good book/magazine, a coupon for: a pizza & movie night at home/a walk at sunset, a massage from the giver of the basket or other little things. It can be as cheap and small as you want or as extravagant as you want to make it. Make it yourself and put thought into it and you will be good to go no matter what size it is.

7. Plan a "surprise night". You will make an invitation for your special someone and invite them to a "special night". [Be sure to clue them in when it comes to the attire required.] Perhaps you want to plan a night in with their favorite pizza or meal (You can tell I love pizza!). You could set the table with a table cloth, candles, your 'finest' dishes (even if you just want to go with paper ones), a flower, music, and a card or note filled with a message about your love/desire to care for them followed by a movie and popcorn. --OR-- You can take them out to a special restaurant and order a special dessert or have dessert back at your house and something else special waiting.

Whatever you choose to do, show ALL those you love that you care! Think ahead...even if it is just the day before and remember...little things can sometimes mean the world so nothing is too little! :)

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