Thursday, August 26, 2010

1st day of School 2010-2011 and GOD

As I waited for the students to arrive today, I was excited about who was coming, wondering what would happen, who I would see from previous years and how the day would go. When I started to write this, it struck me that God must feel the same thing as He waits for us to come to Him every single day. He waits expectantly, hoping that we will come to Him with a smile on our face and an open heart to what He wants to share. I often find myself going to God saying, I pray for so-n-so or for this situation or please give me ______________ (insert character trait, etc...) or God, WHY???? I pray that as I grow in Him that I would be letting Him speak to me more. I hear Him better than I ever have before but I long to hear and know Him better still.

Looking ahead in the school year, I'm sensing great things happening and praying for opportunities to share my faith with my students (within my legal bounds...gggrrrr), parents and colleagues.

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