Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WHEW! and a SNOW DAY!!!!!!!! :)

Ok, I did receive my cousin's address for which I was very glad. I have already written him and sent it off. I've been off of my medications for almost a week now and I feel much better. I was very tired this weekend but come Monday I was rearin' to go! I had so much energy and I'm not sure where it came from. My certification test results are to arrive this week sometime so I'm a little on edge waiting for those. Other than that, things have kind of leveled out and I'm feeling like myself again.

Today was a SNOW DAY! There was actually snow on the ground here! I took a picture just to document the occasion. I didn't have to teach but I still have to go to class...hmmmm. I stayed in my pj's until a few minutes ago when I started getting ready to go to class. I have been reading...for fun...since I got up! It was a nice break and I enjoyed it! I have almost finished a 400 page novel over the past few weeks....something I never, read 400 pages, or read novels! HAHA! Well, I must leave in a few for class...wish me luck! :)

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