Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What a month!

Well, it has been a truly interesting month. I just am finally getting off the couch after 4 days on the couch. I was struck down on Friday night and had a horrible 4 days. I'm now on medications and feeling much better. I'll go back to teaching tomorrow. I'm getting back to myself...anyone that saw me knows that I was pretty pathetic. I can't believe it!!!!!!! I didn't want to miss any days this semester but apparently God had different plans. Well, I must get to some last minute homework and lesson plans so I can hopefully sleep through the night tonight for the first time since Thursday night!!!!!!!! It's Tuesday night...I'm a little behind on sleep right now...as if I wasn't before. I just couldn't sleep because my tonsils were touching each other! You get the idea.

I got a letter from my friend in Afghanistan and he seems to be doing well. I hope to get my cousin's address so I can write him.

I've a got a very busy semester as I plan on finding a job, interviewing, taking my certification tests, taking my two classes, seminar, teaching 2nd graders (miss my Kindergarteners for sure!), tutoring one hour a week, and picking up side babysitting jobs so I can survive the semester. Pray for strength and good health! :)

Be blessed!!!!!!!!

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