Sunday, February 18, 2007

Not really sure...

I really don't know if my friends are still my friends or if they think I'm crazy. I hope that I find myself in less of a precarious position in the near future. The people you think will be there for you, seem to disappear in the blink of an eye without giving you time to understand why its happening.

They are forging ahead into their music careers and I'm sitting here hoping that someday I will be able to have my friends back but each day, I am less hopeful. There is not anything that seems to be in my favor...all the time I've spent investing in them and I feel its no use anymore.

One is far, far, far away in what feels like another universe. No communication can mean one of two things, things are well or things really stink. I pray its not the later but I have a bad feeling it is.

The LORD is the only one I have left to keep me from losing it completely. He keeps me in His hands so as I struggle feeling all alone, I'm really being carried through to the other side.

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